Rapala Fish’n Fillet Knife Review – The Best Fillet Knife?

Fillet knives are very important for every fisherman out there seeking to clean the caught fish quickly and easily. As stated on the FilletKnivesHQ website, there is nothing worse than filleting fish with a bad knife.

best fillet knife - rapalaFillet knives are designed to make filleting as easy as possible and to prevent unwanted loss of fish meat during the cleaning process.

One of such knives is the Rapala Fish’n Fillet knife which we are going to take a look today – http://www.rapala.com/rapala/knives/fillet-knives/fish-n-filletandreg-knives/Fish+n+Fillet+Knives.html

Features of the fillet knife

  • Flexible blade that comes in three sizes – 4,6 and 7 inches
  • Made of Swedish stainless steel
  • Birch wood handle
  • Genuine sheath included

It is by no means an expensive knife given its price of mere 30 bucks. There much more expensive but also cheaper knives out there.

The blade of the knife is the most important piece of the tool. It has to be sharp and flexible to allow slicing right around the spine of the fish. Be assured that the Fish’n fillet knife is excellent in this aspect. The blade is flexible and you can choose from 3 different sizes – 4″,6″ and 7″. All of the variants utilise the full tang construction meaning that the knife is made of single piece of high quality steel from the tip to the handle.

The handle itself is made of reinforced birch and sits nicely in hand. One reason why I really like the wooden handles is that they can keep the knife floating in case you accidentally drop the knife in the water. No one surely wants to start digging through mud to find the precious fillet knife.

Genuine leather sheath is included in the package. It’s always great to have the sheath because it will protect the knife from elements and you will have it ready quickly if you attach the sheath to your belt.

The knife enjoys very positive reviews on Amazon with most of the reviewers giving the knife 5 out of 5 rating. Some of the reviewers praised the knife for its sharpness and beautiful flexible blade.

All in all it’s definitely one of the best fillet knives when it comes to price performance. You can also read excellent fillet knife buying guide on PickMyKnife.Com.

Pond Pumps And Filters

Like any other things, ponds run on a system. This system consists of pond pumps and filters. All parts of the system must work compatibly together in order to be successful. Thus, if you are planning to build a pond or water garden in a form of fountain or falls, it is best to seek professional advice on the kind of the best pond pumps and filters to buy for your pond.

Your Pond Pumps And Filters Should Work Efficiently Together

VM_Yuanmingyuan_Lotus_pond_4447Pond pumps and filters are two major parts of the system that need to be examined and studied carefully for their compatibility. Oftentimes, pond pumps and filters oppose each other’s functions, and it just simply ruins the beauty that the pond or water garden is meant to present. This is why it is very important to consult a professional on what type of pond pumps and filters are compatible with each other, and if the two are suitable for the type of pond or water garden you would like to build.

Though not a requirement for all types of ponds, the need for pond pumps and filters should be examined and assessed carefully. Things to consider include the location of the garden, and any potential threats that can mar the beauty of the pond. Moreover, bigger-sized ponds are often required to have pond pumps and filters. Also, most owners believe that having pond pumps and filters is more convenient and practical for this spares them from the stress of everyday manual cleaning and filtering of their ponds. Moreover, in purchasing a pond pump filter, make sure that it is able to filter any size of debris that can enter the pond. Take into consideration the threats that are present in the location which need to be filtered.

On the other hand, a pump is a ‘must’ in a pond or water garden. The type of pond pump depends on the size of the pond, on its location and the preferences of the owner. Pond pumps can be external or submersible. Professionals would often consider the external as more practical, safer, and more efficient than the other type; however, this is not always the case. External pond pumps are generally used for bigger-sized ponds or those water gardens that have large volume of water to be carried. On the other hand, submersible pumps are often recommended for smaller-sized ponds. Submersible pumps are also effective depending on the proper maintenance and of course, the quality of the product. This is the reason why it is very important to purchase products from a trusted manufacturer. Pond pumps are also available as solar or magnetic. Some people feel solar pond pumps are not practical, for the solar energy from the sun that it requires in order to function is not always present or available. When purchasing pond pumps and filters, you should ensure that you have a quality device before buying it.

Choose Pond Pumps And Filters That Are Compatible

Some pond pumps and filters are not compatible when used together. This is due to a situation called backpressure, wherein they oppose the pressure exerted by each other; thus, their functions are impaired. This is why assurance of the compatibility of pond pumps and filters must be ensured first before purchase and usage. These two, the pond pumps and filters, are more crucial when used in big sized ponds or water garden for the pressure is greater and the volume of water is larger.

In order for a system to work and function successfully, one must consider and ensure that its parts, like the pond pumps and filters, are in good condition and are working compatibly with each other. A part affects the whole system; thus, a failure to function of one part can destroy the whole system.

Proper Lawn Care In Spring

Spring is coming and with it a nagging question: how to care for the lawn to maintain the turf so that it is finally thick, green, beautiful and free from weeds or moss? Anyone looking for an easy and effortless solutions, skip this article. Quality lawn care needs mainly regular and honest work.

The basis for lawn care is regular mowing. The denser the lawn, the more frequent the lawn mower use has to be. It also depends on the type of mower. Most commonly seen are petrol and electric rotary mowers, meaning those which have a rotating blade driven by a motor.

Rotary mowers are powerful, but to be really perfect there’s still something missing – they sometimes do not cut the grass blades, but literally beat it.

Cylinder mowers can be used for a higher level of lawn care. These in turn operate on the principle of cutting, thus being much more friendlier to the grass. They also allow for very short cut grass, so if your goal is to have really perfect English lawn, then the cylinder mower is the right mower for such task.

Scarifying is not advisable to underestimate. verticutting machines can also help you with the fight for a nice and healthy lawn. They are machines (not unlike the classic lawnmower) that raise and aerate the soil, they disrupt the grass roots and significantly complicate the lives of some kinds of moss and weeds. So if you have a real effort this year to improve your lawn, remember to try the verticutting machine – you should use it at least once in the spring and fall.

Santoku Knives: The Asian Chef’s Knife

The term of Santoku Knives does not come in every place and in every occasion. This kind of knife is not common to be used for home kitchens. Some people say this as Asian’s cook or chef’s knife. It is called like that because of its function. Generally, the Santoku knife is used for ingredient preparation of Asian food dishes. The shape of this knife is like the traditional chef. However, the blade of the best Santoku knife is wider if it is compared with other types of knives such as skinning knives. Comparing with other knives too, this knife has thinner in thickness, shorter in length and curves up at the end. The cures in the end will help to cut the edge easily.

The Santoku knife is usually made from stainless steel. The design of this knife does not only look expensive but it is also an expensive one. The material of it is designed to make a well-balance and well formed knife. This knife is the one that is easy to handle and also to be controlled. From the chef’s knife comparison, the Santoku knife is thinner in the blade. From the design and the material, we can use this knife for the smooth cur. It is good to be used for vegetable cutting even though cutting vegetable is not easy with thinner blade.

How to use a Santoku knife?
Check this video to find out!

The material of the Santoku knife

General function of the Santoku knife

From the origin word, the word Santoku comes from the Japanese. The word refers to historical significance meaning “three virtues”. The Santoku knife is perfect for chopping, cutting, dicing and mincing. Even though it is known as Asian chef’s knife, nowadays, this knife has been started to be used in the home kitchen.

The use of the Santoku knife

When we use the Santoku knife, we will feel the sharpness of the blade amazingly. If we use this kind of knife at home, we should use and store the knife properly. With proper stored and used, we can keep the sharpness well. If it is needed, maybe we can use sharpener. The stainless steel material is able to be sharpened easily. Besides that, we can improve the edges a little for perfect cutting. The sharpened knife can make the knife stay in the right shape. We can use electric knife sharpener when we need to make the Santoku knife always in the perfect sharp. More about the Santoku knives can be read here – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Santoku


Kitchen Knives: The Complete Set of Knife

Kitchen knivesWe talk about kitchen knives; it does not refer to only one knife but a group of knives. The kitchen knives consist of several types of knife to make the job in the kitchen easier. Every knife on the kitchen knives has different function. The shape, the length, and the thickness will give different effect on using the knife. The technique of the cutting is not only one but it also varieties. The food ingredients come with different characters.

The edges of the knife
Seeing from the edge of the knife, a group of kitchen knives will have several types. There is wavy edge or also known as serrated edge. It is used for cutting bread or sausages or tomatoes. Generally, the wavy edge is very good in cutting soft product with the hard crust. The straight edge knife is very familiar. Mostly, this type of knife can be used for anything. But, it makes a prefect result when it is used for cutting raw meat. Otherwise, we can use it for slicing salmon. Perhaps, we can use this knife for chopping vegetable. The last one is the granton edge knife.
Type of knife based on the construction
Paring knife is one of the types of kitchen knives. This knife is able to use for basic utility work. It is made with think blade with the length about 3 or 4 inches. From the shape of the edges, it is different into several types. The bird’s beak with deep curve is for peeling fruit and vegetable. There is also a chef’s knife which is the miniature one. Then, the sheep foot which is made in straight cutting blade. It can be used for peeling and paring food. The one with wavy edge is for bread or soft food.

Boning knife is part of the kitchen knives. The function of the boning knife is for removing meat near bones. The shape of the blade influences the control of the cuts. Besides that, this knife is able to use for cutting fish and poultry. From the wide, this knife consists of three types; the narrow, wide and curved one. The narrow boning knife is able for ribs and chops. It is also prefect for cut the meat through bone and cartilage. Besides that, the wide boning knife is good for chicken or pork. Then, the curved boning knife can work really well in any angle of bone.