Kitchen Knives: The Complete Set of Knife

Kitchen knivesWe talk about kitchen knives; it does not refer to only one knife but a group of knives. The kitchen knives consist of several types of knife to make the job in the kitchen easier. Every knife on the kitchen knives has different function. The shape, the length, and the thickness will give different effect on using the knife. The technique of the cutting is not only one but it also varieties. The food ingredients come with different characters.

The edges of the knife
Seeing from the edge of the knife, a group of kitchen knives will have several types. There is wavy edge or also known as serrated edge. It is used for cutting bread or sausages or tomatoes. Generally, the wavy edge is very good in cutting soft product with the hard crust. The straight edge knife is very familiar. Mostly, this type of knife can be used for anything. But, it makes a prefect result when it is used for cutting raw meat. Otherwise, we can use it for slicing salmon. Perhaps, we can use this knife for chopping vegetable. The last one is the granton edge knife.
Type of knife based on the construction
Paring knife is one of the types of kitchen knives. This knife is able to use for basic utility work. It is made with think blade with the length about 3 or 4 inches. From the shape of the edges, it is different into several types. The bird’s beak with deep curve is for peeling fruit and vegetable. There is also a chef’s knife which is the miniature one. Then, the sheep foot which is made in straight cutting blade. It can be used for peeling and paring food. The one with wavy edge is for bread or soft food.

Boning knife is part of the kitchen knives. The function of the boning knife is for removing meat near bones. The shape of the blade influences the control of the cuts. Besides that, this knife is able to use for cutting fish and poultry. From the wide, this knife consists of three types; the narrow, wide and curved one. The narrow boning knife is able for ribs and chops. It is also prefect for cut the meat through bone and cartilage. Besides that, the wide boning knife is good for chicken or pork. Then, the curved boning knife can work really well in any angle of bone.

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