Proper Lawn Care In Spring

Spring is coming and with it a nagging question: how to care for the lawn to maintain the turf so that it is finally thick, green, beautiful and free from weeds or moss? Anyone looking for an easy and effortless solutions, skip this article. Quality lawn care needs mainly regular and honest work.

The basis for lawn care is regular mowing. The denser the lawn, the more frequent the lawn mower use has to be. It also depends on the type of mower. Most commonly seen are petrol and electric rotary mowers, meaning those which have a rotating blade driven by a motor.

Rotary mowers are powerful, but to be really perfect there’s still something missing – they sometimes do not cut the grass blades, but literally beat it.

Cylinder mowers can be used for a higher level of lawn care. These in turn operate on the principle of cutting, thus being much more friendlier to the grass. They also allow for very short cut grass, so if your goal is to have really perfect English lawn, then the cylinder mower is the right mower for such task.

Scarifying is not advisable to underestimate. verticutting machines can also help you with the fight for a nice and healthy lawn. They are machines (not unlike the classic lawnmower) that raise and aerate the soil, they disrupt the grass roots and significantly complicate the lives of some kinds of moss and weeds. So if you have a real effort this year to improve your lawn, remember to try the verticutting machine – you should use it at least once in the spring and fall.

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